Friday, August 5, 2016

Check Out The New Art Materials Purchased With Artsonia Funds!

I have been very busy over the summer researching some awesome art supplies to enhance our art making experience! Thanks to a portion of the money received when parent purchase souvenirs of their child artwork from Artsonia we are able to add these to our art room collection!

1.  We will be using these DICE below for a fun Cubist art game where our fourth graders will have a sheet that corresponds to the rolls they throw.   By the law of chance, students will work as a table to see what type of cubist portrait they can create.  This is a fun warm up lesson I found on Teachers Pay Teachers  to introduce us to cubism, which will be followed by a much more extensive project that will include a camera, some observational drawing, and paint! Follow up in a few weeks to see what we create.

 2.  In Pre-K we  LOVE doing lots and lots of printmaking.  After some practice with rubbings and stamping, we will be using found objects  with the FABRIC PAINT below  to create our very own T-shirt prints inspired by Andy Warhol.

3.  These FELT SHAPES will used in pre-k to practice making compositions on felt boards.  We will discuss symmetry, patterns, as well as color theory.  

4.  I found these fun TEXTURE SQUARES after some research into Pre-k and K art activities that were more about process and than product.  These squares are a fun hands on way to encourage young learners' awareness of their sense of touch.  Additionally, by examining and talking about the squares, they are building their descriptive vocabulary.    I look forward to going on a hunt around the school trying to match similar textures to the squares we have.  

5.  These Roylco Masks were actually purchased at the end of last year, but will be the first time I get to use them with the students.  In the past we have made masks a very different way that took a lot longer, since it included hollowing up the armature we created from scratch.  I am excited to shorted this project to make room for other fun things, as there is never enough time in the studio.

6.  Finally, who does not like PRIZES??? All of my students know although art is very fun on its own, Mrs. Banker loves incentives and there are lots of ways to earn them.  Cashing in Art Bucks is just one way, where students can earn a time in, homework pass, or prize back selection.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hokusai Fish Print Seascapes

Transitional Primary students pretended to travel across the globe to Japan to examine artist and print maker Hokusai famous for his artwork titled The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  We discussed the reoccurring theme of NATURE in his art and discussed how the important role fish played in Japanese culture.  Students learned about the tradition of Japanese fish printing called GYOTAKU and discussed how fisherman used this style of artmaking to keep track of the fish they caught.  We tried our own Gyotaku's, by printing on rubber fish.  Next, we learned how a seascape is a view of the sea and created our own, with oil pastel resist with watercolor.  Finally, our best prints were cut out and creatively incorporated into our seascapes.

Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg
The Great Wave Off of Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai 1830-1833

Student Work

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fourth Grade Spells it Out!

We started off this year discussing how a TYPOGRAPHER is a type of artist that designs the way letters look to communicate a specific message.  We examined and were inspired by Barcelona based graphic designer Alex Trochut and American Pop artist Robert Indiana for this unit.  Students were challenged to illustrate the letters of their first name, nickname, or last name to express apart of their personality.  We explored a variety of watercolor pencil techniques such as blending, cross hatching, shading, making a wash and then applied them to our designs to make our letters look more three dimensional.  

Alex Trochut

Robert Indiana

Students started this project by completing the following worksheet below:

Additional Student Art Examples