Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sticking Together

To start off the year we discussed how artists sometimes work collaboratively or by themself to create a mural.  We defined a mural as a large piece of artwork for many people to see typically on a wall inside or outside.  Preschool through transitional primary used crayons and markers to create different lines and shapes on their popsicle sticks.  Second and third grade incorporated warm or cool colors using colors sticks and sharpies.  Fourth graders had the large tongue depressors and limited their color palette to either warm and cool, primary, secondary, complementary or monochromatic colors.  Many students chose to incorporate patterns into their sticks as well.  Once all of the sticks were created, our fourth graders worked together to organize them into these four panels.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Surg and Turf

Fish Hawk or Osprey, Birds of America, John James Audubon

First grade started out their unit on clay by exploring how many ways they can change clay with their body as well as with a variety of tools.   We examined artist and ornithologist John James Audubon and his fascination with birds. Next, I was inspired by Cassie Stephen's clay birds and I loosely based this lesson of of hers that you can find HERE. Students learned how to create score and slip to attach two pieces of clay and make an impression by pressing down different textured tools into the clay.  Each student had the option to make a bird or fish and after their clay was bisque fired they used construction paper crayons to color and added india ink on top as a resist batik look.  

Fourth Grade Masks


For the last four years that I have been teaching, masks have become a rite of passage for the fourth graders.  We start out by examining the history of masks and the different functions they have served throughout time such as theatrical performances, death/burial traditions, rituals, and festivals.  Students thought about what type of mask they wanted to make (animal, mythical creature, cartoon character, sports legend etc.).

Then we covered plastic roylco masks with paper mache to build up a quick armature.  Next, we added parts to make our masks more unique and specific with newspaper and tape as well as plaster kraft to solidify the masks.  The last step was deciding if we wanted to paint our masks realistically or stylistically and what embellishments we would add if any.  Everything we have learned the last several years in art class came into play from creating a three dimensional form to color theory.  Click here to see masks from past years.

In Progress

Student Artwork

Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Art Show Extravaganza

As I start planning the curriculum for the upcoming school year, I wanted to start updating this blog as well.  We went out with a bang for the 2016-2017 school year, by combining Family Art Night with the student art display and called it what better than WRS Art Show Extravaganza.  I included pictures that show the art stations where families came together to in the spirit of artmaking as well as the projects displayed in the hallways.  

Student Piano Performances

Mrs. Bonick collecting art supplies for young patients in the hospital

Our completed floral mural 

Student Artwork

Third Grade Clay Animals

Pre-K Monster Monoprints

Pre-k Watercolor Collagraphs

Kindergarten Thiebaud inspired desserts

Pre-k Torn Paper Collagraphs

TP Feeling Self Portraits

TP Haring Silhouettes

TP Gyotaku Prints

First Grade Miro Paintings

First Grade Ringgold Self Portraits

Kindergarten Primary Color Paintings

Second grade Rousseau Jungle Prints

Third Grade Zooming in 

Third Grade Leader Self Portraits

Fourth Grade Illustrated Name 

Fourth Grade Cubist Portraits

Fourth Grade Pop Art Prints